Challenge: Adobe Voice Promo

Hey creative people!

We have a new challenge for you.  Whether you’re going to be with us on the third Tuesday of the month or not, you can join in the challenge in multiple ways.


Yeah, this seems completely self-indulgent, and we want you to do all of the work for us, but actually we just want to introduce you to some new tools in a way that makes it really easy for you to participate.

Here’s what we want to introduce to you for iPad (yes, you’ll need an iPad for this part)

1. Adobe Voice & Adobe Draw
Create your own promo for WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE / WHO YOU’D LIKE TO SEE at upcoming meetings

Have no iPad? That’s okay, check this out:

2. Lend us your voice
You don’t need an iPad – just read a short part of our script at an upcoming meeting. (3~5 seconds of your time)

If you want to contribute to our project, but don’t have an iPad or have a voice (yes, we need foreign speakers too), you can contribute with a drawing

3. Send us an Illustration (.png)
Want to give us a simple illustration (.png) or (.jpg) to use?  Create something that might fit one of the following words.  Please title your illustration with the corresponding word, and be sure to let us know how you’d like to be credited in the end-credits.  “name” or “nickname”.

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