PremiereClip / Ninjacrayon style

nab_nc_logoLast week, I had the opportunity to put Adobe’s PremiereClip through some paces. Although it wasn’t a completely rigorous testing, it was enough to get a clear view of what the application was capable of, it’s pros and cons, and create some mildly entertaining news pieces during the biggest broadcast event of the year.

During NABShow, the National Association of Broadcasters Convention, I took my iPad and iPhone around as a replacement for the professional video equipment we used last year. I saw many of my colleagues using similar professional video equipment again this year, but our deliveries were very different.

This year I was looking for producing web videos. Although I’m sure that 4K videos of convention footage is something that *someone* wants to look at, it’s not me. 1080 is good enough. Fortunately, my iPhone and iPad can handle footage that is on par with that. Shooting and producing these pieces of footage will still require some research, writing, filmmaking, and videography, but the amount technical knowledge necessary to get a white balance on an iPhone or iPad is much lower than any other camera.

Additionally, I was looking to shoot, edit, and upload clips from the show floor. Anyone carrying around pro gear would have to find somewhere to download their video card, cut footage, and upload the final. Yes, there was a press room for us to do that, but my iPad and iPhone come with the ability to upload straight from the device… anywhere I have a connection.

Adobe PremiereClip let me get everything done quickly, easily, and have fun doing it.

There are only two things you need: an iOS device and a CreativeCloud account (free).

Of course there are a few unnecessary things you may want to have on your checklist before you get started (in no particular order):

All of our PremiereClip pieces were shot and edited with the iPad or iPhone exclusively. There were graphic pieces that I created before the show, and uploaded into my CreativeCloud library for use in my edits.

Although PremiereClip comes with audio beds that you can use, musician and producer Josh Falcon provided me with some that were easy to load onto my devices to use with the clips.

The great part about PremiereClip is that you can shoot/edit/color grade/modify audio/add music/add titles, and deliver without ever leaving your phone.

Here are a couple of the videos I created in Las Vegas during NABShow last week. I’ll have some updates as well as new videos soon.

Share your own PremiereClip videos. @ninjacrayon

GENERIC TAKEAWAY (stay tuned for more in depth reviews)


  • Capture/Edit/Post faster than any other professional pipeline app
  • It is always with you on your iPhone. Edit now or later
  • Able to access media on your device or CreativeCloud folders
  • Resulting movie can be hosted in CC or downloaded to your device


  • Currently available for supported iOS devices only (no Android/Win atm)
  • Gesture based editing is more difficult on iPhone than iPad because of screen size*
  • No “speed” Time Ramp, only slow-mo
  • Limited Text Editor for slates only includes one font, no overlays on video

I will write a breakdown of some of the specific features I used last week. Once you start to use it, I’m fairly certain you’ll have a lot of fun. This is a great tool for education, news, family & social events (especially when tied to social media), and research (think: Location Scouting, Field Trips, Real Estate). If you couple this together with CreativeCloud, the strength of PremiereClip becomes exponentially powerful.

Check back for more about PremiereClip – or follow me on @ninjacrayon to see more #MadeWithClip

Don’t have CreativeCloud ID? You can get one for free.


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