Creative Submissions

Calling all creatives with DMALA!

We are going to try something new with DMALA.  Often we have some downtime at the beginning and the middle of meetings when we have a large screen and no content!  From now on, we are calling upon you to submit your work so that we can show it at our meetings!  The idea is that we want to share your work with everyone here and then you can discuss with fellow members.  This is different from Demo Reel meetings as we only want short clips or stills from your work!

You can submit 1-3 “works” which can be a still, animation, or movie.  We do not want your reel, but rather maybe a side project or render you have been working on.  It can a work-in-progress or a finished project.  Below are the submission guidelines.  There will be a new loop each month featuring that month’s submissions.

1-3 “Pieces of Art”

Stills can be in the following format: PSDs, tiffs, jpegs (all stills will be going into a 1920×1080 comp and will be scaled accordingly).

Movies can be no longer than 10 seconds – Format: Quicktime H264, 1080/23.98, 5-20mbs.  We can accept other frame sizes and fps, but know that they will be edited into a 1080/23.98 comp to be shown.

Please submit to  Send your work via WeTransfer, HighTail, or Dropbox links.  Do not send YouTube or Vimeo Links — needs to be a link where the art can be easily and quickly downloaded.  Make sure to include your name and twitter handle with your submission.  All work will be given proper credit (lowers will be bottom left — we will add this ourselves after you submit).

Submissions are due the Friday before our Tuesday meeting.  All levels of work are encouraged.  This is a great way to challenge yourself to learn a new technique or piece of software by giving yourself a deadline to meet.

Each month the loop will be featured on our website and Facebook page!

Send any questions to

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