Say Hello to Katy:

KtIsabelle_smSay hello to Katy Isabelle (@ktisabelle), our new co-manager.  After a year of organizing our social after parties, we’re happy to have her volunteer to get up on stage and be a part of bringing the monthly meetings to you.

You may already know some of the other team members at DMALA:
Steve Toyama (@shigaboo) helps with tickets at the door, and makes sure that the raffle tickets get in your hands.  If you’ve won a door prize in the past 5 years, Steve has probably given you the ticket!
Brant Wells (@wellsfilms) is taking pictures during the meetings.  If you’ve won a prize in the past year, chances are that Brant has taken a photo of you.

THIS MONTH IS DEMO REEL MONTH (June 15).  Introduce yourself to the group and say hello to Katy Isabelle.

Of course – special thanks to WARREN HEATON who has been helping make meetings come together since the start.

DO YOU WANT TO SHOW YOUR REEL AT THIS MONTH’S MEETING?  Be sure to get your ticket ASAP – they’re still free this week:

If you’d like to get involved with the meeting, let us know!  Even if it’s for just one meeting!  🙂

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