CreateNow LA / @Adobe Oct29

In addition to our meeting on Tuesday night, a major Adobe event will take place on Tuesday morning downtown.  If you’re in the area (there are several design studios downtown), come hang out for a while and talk about all of the news from CreativeCloud.  If you’re available after, Chana Messer has organized a coffee meetup after the event.


If you’re in the Los Angeles area – it’s really easy to get down to this event by metrorail – and avoid the morning traffic crush.  Take the blue line out of LAUnion Station one stop and walk across the street, near LA Live.


2 responses to “CreateNow LA / @Adobe Oct29

  1. I had a few questions about the cloud. Like do you have to be on line to use the programs? that would be problematic for someone who say is on a set in a canyon? Read an article in a magazine, I think Video maker and it left me perplexed about that.

    • This is a great question Laura Ann – many people have the same concern. You do NOT have to be online to use the programs. In some instances, you don’t even have to download the applications. You do have to occasionally check in to ensure you are up to date, but it’s not an hourly or even daily routine you need to follow.

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