Ballistic Publishing: Get in it!

CGS_125You may have seem some of the beautiful artwork in the Ballistic books during one of our meetings.  Why isn’t your work in there?  Probably because you haven’t submitted it?  Could be!  Now’s your chance to get recognized.  Ballistic is looking for new artists in their latest call for submissions.  Check it….

Ballistic – the leading publisher of digital art books – is now calling on artists to submit images for EXOTIQUE 8. The latest edition will feature the best character artists worldwide, and will be released in December 2013.

The EXOTIQUE series brings together the world’s best CG Characters in genres ranging from science fiction, fantasy and anime to stylized and photo realistic. Now in its eigth edition, EXOTIQUE stands beside EXPOSÉ as the digital art industry’s must have reference guide.

By appearing in a Ballistic book, artists could find their work placed alongside that of the digital art stars, such as Kris Costa, now a Senior Modeler at Lucasfilm, Soa Lee from Naughty Dog, and Pascal Blanche, Art Director at Ubisoft Montreal. Because of this incredibly high standard, many thousands of copies of EXOTIQUE are sold all over the world, with many making it into the collections of the top Game, Advertising and Film studios. Imagine your work catching the eye of an art director from a top studio!

Ballistic are interested in digitally-created Character art, whether it be 2D or 3D, for commercial use, or personal challenge. We will celebrate the highest artistic achievement in a diverse range of genres and styles, such as Science Fiction, Architecture, Concept Art, Matte Painting and Steampunk, to name just a few.

As with all Ballistic Publishing publications, there is no entry cost, nor limit to the amount of artwork submitted. Artists with work published in EXOTIQUE 8 will receive a complimentary copy of the book and enjoy worldwide exposure in one of the most important collections of digitally-created character artwork to be published in 2013.

Praise for THE EXOTIQUE series

“EXOTIQUE 6 makes a wonderful addition to any artist’s library and a wonderful coffee table book for those that appreciate great digital works.  Almost every print featured deserves to be framed.”
EXOTIIQUE 6 review, Married with Video Games

“Obviously it’s the fantastic art featured in the series that makes Exotique is a joy to own, but much appreciation has to be given to Ballistic themselves for presenting it all in such a desirable package. Upon seeing the book the urge to begin collecting these art books will grip you instantly.”
EXOTIIQUE 6 review, Koalition

“From rich portraits like Neville D’Souza’s cover image Sweet as Candy, to visionary fantasy pieces, EXOTIQUE 5 is full of breathtaking art. A lot of thought’s been put into the book’s layout, sometimes pitting the might of one painting against another, then juxtaposing images that complement each other. Whatever the approach, the results are always transfixing.”
EXOTIQUE 5 review, ImagineFX magazine

For more information and to submit your work:

Media Contact
For more information, images contact:
Rebecca Foreman

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