Adobe MAX Wrap

maxbannerWith another year of Adobe MAX, the list for creative projects for the coming year is already off the bottom of the page.

Of course there were some great sessions to go along with the updated software.  As we know, there are so many things that we do professionally (or even personally) with Adobe software – and the continuing growth of the software only challenges us to design beyond the scope of simple tools.

This year at Adobe Sneaks – and even during regular sessions – Adobe showed attendees that they are moving forward, building the tools that creatives request.  Often, as designers, we challenge the norm, attempt to create something new, and that can require new tools to make some jobs easier – – or even possible.  As we continue to push forward, looking to create something NEW, Adobe will join us – moving forward continually creating.

During this year’s MAX, I attended few sessions that were software specific.  However, I did participate in the Adobe Edge Animate class.

Edge Animate is an interesting tool for CSS authors.  As a traditional animator/compositor, I’m not impressed by it yet.

Easy? YES
Interesting? YES

I’m not sure that it would ever be the animation tool I’d need to go to, unless a CSS/dev/author asked me to create an animation that he could lift as code.

THEN – HELL YES.  Edge Animate helps to bridge the discussion between Animator and code writer.  Understanding the role/importance of composition in movement, color, and timing may be as foreign to the developer as “white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden;” is to me.

As we move toward new standards in delivery – the creative project list continues to grow!

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