Connect: Lunch with Kes Akalaonu


This month members got a chance to help us issue in the inaugural launch of our ADOBE CONNECT saturday session.  This is an extension of the regular monthly (in-person) meetings, but give us the opportunity to meet with some awesome digital artists like KES AKALAONU.

Kes (@NLE_ninja) is an editor out of Chicago, IL – so it’s a little difficult for us to get him into Hollywood for a 10-minute tip.  But it’s not too far to get him over to the computer for a few minutes. It’s not too hard for you either.  If you can’t join us in Hollywood, we’re going to try to put up a regular hangout with a 10minute tip, including Q&A to follow.

If you want to learn more about PremierePro CS6 and some of the cool tricks you can manage (like Adjustment Layer transitions), Subscribe to Kes’ YouTube channel:

You’ll find our meetings on… the last Saturday of the month at NOON?

I’m making that up right now.  THIS WAS OUR VERY FIRST MEETING. and I’d like to thank everyone for attending, helping, and being patient as we figure out how to make this good for everyone.   Maybe even more than once/month?

In a low-tech solution, I drew numbers and came up with winners for door prizes.  CONGRATS  CreativeRaul and KJAlex07 – thanks to our sponsors at DigiEffects and Rampant Design Tools!

rampantDT_125   DigiEffects

Stay tuned!


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