Happy New Year from all of us to all of you.

DMALA enters the 16th year of meetings, started under Chris and Trish Meyer and Warren, the new crew is talking about what we can do to bring new and interesting meetings.

We continue to read your suggestions about what you’d like to do/see at upcoming meetings. (And we’re encouraged by the “Keep it Up” and “More of the Same” responses we’ve gotten). mail us : dmalamail@gmail.com

HAVE YOU LIKED US? (it’s a new thing for FB page) —–>

This year, we’ve finally put together a new website for the group. It’s a draft process so we can get used to working within a WordPress framework. We’ll be here for a while, then move back to HermosaWave Internet once we get the hang of things.

We’d like to thank Daniel Sofer and HermosaWave for hosting our site and helping us out along the way. If you haven’t already purchased your HermosaWave calendar, you still can by visiting the link on his main site: hermosawave.com You can find information on Daniel’s internet services and photography as well.

We’d also like to thank Adobe Systems for helping us secure our awesome venue at Barnsdall Gallery Theater. We’re looking forward to a really big spring event this year. If you haven’t experienced an Adobe product, what’s wrong with you?! PHOTOSHOP! 🙂 We’d also like to thank Adobe for all of the support they’ve given us – YOU – by giving away hundreds of copies of professional software in the past 15 years.

MOST OF ALL, we’d like to thank you. DMALA members who fill the seats at each meeting may learn from our guests, and take away awesome door prizes each month, but members continue to teach us about the importance of investing back into our community.

This year, we will strive for demo reels on a regular schedule and presentations by new members.

Have a great January 1, and we’ll see you on the THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH

(January 15)


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