Adobe Connect – Soft Launch

actest_dmamission control, we have liftoff


Who knew?
I’ve attended a bunch of meetings via Adobe Connect, but I didn’t really appreciate the group potential in the software until I dug into it this afternoon. There are many groups, smaller than DMALA, that use Adobe Connect for their monthly meetups.  This allows them to get more people engaged in their meetings.  DMALA already has a lot of members, but we could increase our reach, and find new ways to interact (even between regular meetups).

Thanks to Aaron Houston and Tammy Leamons from Adobe for helping out on this one!

DMALA thrives because of its physical community (plus it’s warmer at BGT than in my office today -brrr!).  We will continue to have monthly meetings in person.  Nothing can replace the face-to-face community experience.  Plus, prizes and pizza aren’t too bad.  If/When we use Adobe Connect, it’s because we can’t have that presentation in person.

Adobe Connect can bring DMALA the potential of members from up and down the west coast (and anyone else who might want to stay up until our PST timezone).  Additionally, we can bring back presenters like Harry Frank, Alex Lindsay, Steve Forde, and others who were regulars when Hollywood wasn’t such a commute for them.

One of the requests that we have each year is HANDS-ON TUTORIALS.   Unfortunately, BGT doesn’t have space for us to plugin laptops (or even be comfortable if we could).  With AdobeConnect, I’m hoping that we can create an event where MEMBERS can present a hands-on tutorial too.  Warren and I will be working this out in Q1 2013.

Want to present at  Let us know

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