Quick Note Test


Just trying to get this off the ground before January 1 rolls around…. again.

First test post, and looking for test on COMMENTS below.

Can you scale this on your mobile device?


The About page is done… for now… I think.

Just finished trying to wrestle with putting php or any script into the body of a WP page.  Looks like it can’t be done with this template. ARRGGHH.  I even found a really cool site that puts the RSS feeds into boxes like a classified ad.  But I found out too late that it’s for a widget too (not for embedding within a page).

OK – 4 hours later, that’s about it for today.  I learned a ton about php, rss, and grumpy cats today.
Let me know what’s missing – or what you think would benefit the group.

Please be sure to like the FB page? or whatever.  My hope is that this will be a little better to look at than our old .org page for now.

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